Rick Owens - Designer Clothing and Shoes

Published: 28th February 2011
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Rick Owens - Designer Clothing and Shoes

In 1932 Rick Owens was born, and the fashion world received one of its most influential and creative designer. He has become known for his avante garde style and fashionistas love his rebellious style.

Rick Owns grew up in Porterville, California. As he grew he always had a flair for the fine arts, and because of that he studied at Otis/Parsons which is now known as the Otis College of Art and Design located in Los Angeles. His studies started well, but after two years of school he took a pattern-making class that led to his decision to drop out of college. However, he did not drop out without a plan. Instead, he started to work for local sportswear companies which soon led to his decision to start his own fashion label. In 1994 he began his line, which quickly developed a following. At that point Charles Gallay, a Los Angeles retailer, was Owens's only purchaser. However, in 2001 Rick Owens decided to sign with Eo Bocci Associati, a sales agent, so that his clothes may be distributed internationally. Directly after that he made the decision to move his fashion labels production to Italy.

It was really a photograph of Kate Moss that appeared in Vogue Paris that helped skyrocket Owens to the eye of the public. Not long after that, in 2001, he showed his first collection at New York fashion week. He did so with the full support of Anna Wintour and American Vogue. Following his success at fashion week he was able to launch his menswear collection in the spring of 2003. After the success of that collection Owens made the decision to relocate his studio to Paris.

When looking at the clothes that Rick Owens designs it must be said that they are uniquely individual. He has had a longtime interest in paradoxes and embraces them within his design. He professes to take sense of glamour that he can then pair with air of grunge. This unique sense of style has garnered him lots of attention from celebrities. Madonna and Helena Bonham Carter are just two of the many celebrities that like to wear Owens' creations. In fact, stylist Patricia Field regularly uses his clothes for her projects.

Rick Owens opened his first stand alone shop in Paris at the Palais Royal. However, this store was not limited to clothes. Though the store does sell his designer duds it has pieces at every price point like his less expensive line, Lillies. Additionally, in this store Rick Owens offers his furniture line to consumers.

Not to worry if you are in the US. Rick Owens opened a boutique in the TriBeCa area of New York making his brand truly international. For those looking for a fashion forward and unique look Rick Owens clothes may be the perfect choice. You can trust that you are getting a piece that will make a statement that no one will be expecting, but everyone will be left talking about!

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